Talent Retention

Developing Great Leaders in the Workplace – Guest Column

Powered By EmbedPress Opinion: Can Leadership Skills Still Make a Big Difference Today? By Zee Tan, August 2023 “Great leaders develop other leaders” In the age of technology and growing AI capabilities, it’s natural to think that computers can outperform human functions and eventually replace us. While that may be true for certain skills, our […]

Future of Work – Remote Working is Here To Stay

COVID-19 has not only brought about changes in the job market, making certain jobs obsolete while creating new ones, but also significantly affected how we work now and in the future. One major change is remote working – which may be what you are doing right now while reading this article. Do you foresee yourself working remotely for […]

HR Industry Challenges Post Covid19 – Citadel Search Coffee Chat

In this episode of Coffee Chat, we invited Grace Loo – a HR veteran of over 15 years – to join us in a conversation to discuss the current challenges in the HR Industry amidst the COVID19 situation. Insights on the current challenges for the HR industry Together with Citadel Search Managing Director Cindy Yeo, […]

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