Executive Search and Recruitment Services

As one of the top executive search and recruitment firms in Singapore for over 18 years, Citadel Search has been at the forefront, catering to a diverse network of satisfied clients across the region.

Our expert head-hunters have worked with more than 350 employers in Singapore, successfully placing over 1,000 candidates. We provide end-to-end executive recruitment services tailored to employers seeking experienced candidates across Asia. 

Join us in helping you fulfill your strategic human resource needs.

What Makes Citadel Search stand out in a sea of executive search firms?

We invest the time to listen to our clients and understand the DNA of each mandate, ensuring to deliver talents and provide a positive candidate experience by ambassadoring your employer brand effectively in the market. Our executive search team is dedicated to understanding your unique requirements.


True partnership is the pathway to success. Many clients have returned and continue to partner with us because we invest the time to know them. We have proven to scale the wall and placed some of the toughest roles. More importantly, you also want to work with an established firm that is able to ambassador your organisation and represent your brand accurately in the market. Citadel Search has made this a top priority with our clients. Our accolades of positive candidate experience attest to our strengths. We excel in senior executive search and are committed to building lasting partnerships.

We cover a myriad of job roles across 7 different specialisations.

We have placed over 1,000 candidates for more than 350 employers using our CITADEL 7-Step Methodology.

We are a contingent Executive Search and Recruitment firm committed to finding the perfect fit for your organisation.

How We Stand Out



Unlock Unparalleled Executive Talent with Citadel Search

With Citadel Search as your strategic partner in executive search, you gain access to a treasure trove of exceptional executive talent that can drive your organization’s growth and success. Our proven track record and deep industry expertise enable us to swiftly identify and secure top-tier professionals who align seamlessly with your company’s vision and objectives.

By leveraging our comprehensive network and meticulous search process, you can confidently navigate the competitive landscape and secure executives who bring invaluable skills, experience, and fresh perspectives to your team. Elevate your business’s performance and propel it to new heights with the right executive leaders recruited by Citadel Search.

Experience the transformative power of exceptional talent acquisition. Partner with Citadel Search today to elevate your executive team and drive unparalleled business results.

Let’s work together to find you your next talent.

Be it looking for a new hire or managing your existing employees on our payroll, Citadel Search is equipped to deliver the solutions to your needs.

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