Employee Outsourcing

Citadel Search provides end-to-end employee outsourcing services, helping you take care of everything – from recruiting to offboarding, at competitive prices.

Employee Outsourcing Services

Citadel Search provides Employee Outsourcing services, where a client organisation engages us to be the Employer of Record (EoR) in order to hire employees. We help our client organisations manage the outsourced staff and process payroll on the client’s behalf.

We know the importance of choosing the right Employee Outsourcing company, and act as a trusted partner of our client organisations to make the process a seamless one for both employer and employee.

Benefit from Employee Outsourcing by partnering with us

Time Efficiencies

Delegate end-to-end HR and administrative matters to the EoR, your HR team can then channel their focus on your core business functions instead.

Regulation Compliance

Citadel Search can eliminate your concerns about falling behind the latest Statutory Compliance Requirements changes and having to consistently update yourself on the latest regulations with an EoR overseeing these for you.

Cost Savings

EOS displaces the need for variable piecemeal costs for recruitment and payroll with a single pre-determined cost.

Risk Mitigation

We are equipped with state-of-the-art payroll systems to manage your employees, better security and systems to house your employee data, and eradicate risk of delayed payments and error.



When working with an EoR, it is important to select one which has a time-tested reputation to represent your brand well. Here are reasons why working with us for employee outsourcing may be one of the best decisions.






SERVICE FUNCTIONS – Citadel Search provides end-to-end employee outsourcing services, helping you take care of everything – from recruiting to offboarding.

AFFORDABLE FEES – We provide our service at competitive prices.
TIMING CYCLE – We can customise our services and cater to your submission of invoice and tax payments schedules.
REQUIREMENTS – We only require timesheets and claim sheets from you on a monthly basis to process the monthly payroll payments and annual tax payments.
REPUTATION – As an experienced EOR, we have managed employees for multiple organisations for the past 8 years.

Employee Outsourcing Services We Provide

We Provide a Full Spectrum of Functions as your Employer of Record (EOR)

• Act as the Employer of Your Employees

• Craft & Manage Employee Contracts

• Perform Onboarding & Offboarding

• Payroll Processing & Payment

• Collating and Processing Time Sheets

• Manage Benefits & Claims

• Leave Claims

• Medical Claims

• Maternity & Child Care Claims

• NS Men Make-up Pay Claims etc.

• Conduct and Submit Annual Tax Filing for Employees

 As well as any customised services for our client organisations


Manage your HR Processes more effectively with Citadel Search.

With over 18 years of experience, Citadel Search is equipped to deliver the solutions to streamline your HR processes.

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