Lin Ming Tao

Apr – Aug 2023
Currently reading Masters in Translation in Nanyang Technology University

I joined Citadel Search in April 2023 as a Talent Acquisition Intern. During this 4-month internship, I am responsible for two main areas of work, Talent Acquisition and Marketing & Translation.

My talent acquisition responsibilities include sourcing and screening talent for clients in Singapore and Mainland China, focusing on corporate function roles (finance, HR and IT support) for MNCs and engineering roles for semiconductor companies. During the internship at Citadel Search, I successfully placed 2 positions, a Senior Global Reporting Manager for a SaaS client and an IT Support Engineer for a professional services company.

I also supported marketing where I had to develop collaterals and translated English materials into simplified Chinese for our marketing promotional materials including slide decks. In addition, I also developed 3 company content specific for educating our candidates from English into simplified Chinese. It was really fun as I learnt and gained so much content too.

Citadel 7-Step Methodology is really a useful tool to help me become robust when confronted with roles I was unfamiliar with. My Mentor Cindy also taught me how to identify core competencies for each role, conduct competency-based interviews, screen candidates professionally, develop detailed screening reports, and strive for a win-win-win outcome with candidates and clients. I believe these valuable takeaways will be very helpful in my future career.

In addition, as a foreigner working in Singapore, I really appreciate Cindy's kind introduction to great food, good places to go on weekends, and other local history and culture. Cindy and Raymond have also taken us out jogging or sightseeing after work. Also, the team atmosphere is friendly and inspiring. The journey at Citadel Search for me, brings such great and wonderful memories!