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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Citadel Search, where partnership meets success in the world of executive search and recruitment. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from both employers and job seekers to help you understand why Citadel Search is the ideal choice for your talent needs. If you still have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Citadel Search and speak to our consultants today.

For Employers:

At Citadel Search, we know that filing key roles quickly and efficiently is crucial for every organisation’s success. We believe that true partnership is the pathway to success. Over our 18 years of experience, we have honed our expertise in executive search and recruitment, earning the loyalty and trust of countless clients who continue to partner with us. We invest the time to listen to our clients and understand the DNA of each mandate, ensuring to deliver talents and provide a positive candidate experience by ambassadoring your employer brand effectively in the market.
True partnership is the pathway to success. Many clients have returned and continue to partner with us because we invest the time to know them. We have proven to scale the wall and placed some of the toughest roles. More importantly, you also want to work with an established firm that is able to ambassador your organisation and represent your brand accurately in the market. Citadel Search has made this a top priority with our clients. Our accolades of positive candidate experience attest to our strengths.

Our unique 7-step CITADEL headhunting methodology is the backbone of our success. The efficacy of adopting this approach is evidenced by the countless successful placements and positive accolades from our clients and candidates. To find your ideal talents, we have built a network of candidates and know who are the movers and shakers in the market. We are intentional in accurately ambassadors of your brand to these potential talents, thereby helping you build a reputation for excellence. Even if they were not interested today, they still have a positive experience of your Employer Brand.  This has been one of our proudest accomplishments.

Competence, Capabilities, Commitment

The 3C’s that makes us stand out as an Executive Search and Recruitment firm.

  • Competence: We cover a myriad of job roles across 7 different specialisations.
  • Capabilities: We have helped our clients start up teams/departments and have placed over 1,000 candidates for more than 350 employers using our Headhunting 7-Step Methodology.
  • Commitment: We strive for excellence and are committed to find the best fit for your organisation.

Clients trust Citadel Search’s commitment in identifying key performers who will add value to their business.

Partnering with Citadel Search offers several advantages, including: 

Getting First-hand Market Knowledge

Citadel Search constantly has our ears on the ground. We stay updated on the current state of the job market across various industries and therefore have valuable insights about the industry. This allows us to accurately provide salary benchmarks and guidance to our clientele, enhancing our clients’ branding to hire effectively. 

Tapping into a Robust Network of Talents

We mindfully build a robust network of professionals and job seekers as we see the importance in creating a solid and dynamic database to cater to your unique needs. You may wonder if this can be carried out by your own HR department? . Yes, it is true that you can possibly try. But if you are entering a new market, or you want to hyperscale and need that talent tomorrow, how long will it take you to develop a robust professional network? We can also help you scout talents from your competitors and genuinely represent your brand to these successful but passive talents. 

Expertise in “Tough” Roles 

We understand that the recruitment process is rarely a straightforward process, especially for senior level roles. It takes a lot of resilience to find the right talent who is able to deliver the high-level demands and meet the requirements that will propel your organisation to greater success. With today’s demands of T-Shaped Senior Hires, where depth of expertise is required yet have the horizontal breadth of leadership, people  and critical management skills, we understand how hard it is.  This is what sets us apart. We never shy away from “hard-to-fill” positions and have a proven track record in successfully finding our clients senior talents and filling niche roles. 

Quick Turnaround 

We understand the mountain of responsibilities your HR team has to take on and Citadel Search is here to help alleviate it. With our support and help for executive search and recruitment, you can focus on other tasks and dedicate your time and resources on other processes. With our passionate team of consultants, whether it is to fill a position and piece up your dream team efficiently, we have done it! 


Cost Savings 

A bad hire costs more than you think. Did you know? A wrong hire can cost your business 7 times the monthly salary, on average. This consists of monetary costs and intangible costs that can quickly compromise the health and morale of your organisation. This is why partnering with an executive search firm can help you save costs because we are focused on what we do best and share the common goal of finding the right talent to position your organisation for greater success. 

To find out more about the benefits of partnering with Citadel Search, check out our article here

Speak to us to understand how Citadel Search operates and approaches we adopt to find you your ideal talent. Citadel Search takes pride in working efficiently and it’s a standard of practice to give our clients the first candidate profile within 2-5 working days. This however, can only be accomplished with your cooperation. When working with us, be forthcoming and transparent in the requirements and deliverables of the job to help our consultants define the search effectively. 

We also advise our clients to review their interview and recruitment processes to ensure providing the optimal candidate experience. Avoid having multiple rounds of interviews that may potentially disinterest the candidate and result in a bad experience with your organisation especially when multiple interviewers are asking essentially the same interview questions at different rounds. A long recruitment process also results in candidates losing interest in your organisation, or being approached and securing a job with your competitors. You wouldn’t want to stand a chance of losing a good talent to your competitors. At Citadel Search, we encourage our clients to keep to a maximum of 2 rounds of interviews, unless the role requires advanced tests or simulations that calls for more data evaluation. It is important to provide a hassle-free recruitment process and a positive experience and the candidates directly interact with your managers.  Candidates are also evaluating your brand in real time. We also recommend that you have a robust and efficient decision-making  process for candidate selection. Clients who are slow in their decision-making often lose out and then regret later on. 

Yes, Citadel Search has a guarantee program. This guarantee program is for in the unlikely case where the candidate is found to be unsuitable after being hired. The client shall receive up to 1 time free replacement. The period of guarantee will be indicated in the terms of agreement.

We are thrilled to discuss your talent needs and explore how Citadel Search can make a difference for your organisation. 

Connect with us at (65) 6222 2687 or drop us an email at recruit@citadelsearch.com.sg, and we will respond within 1 working day.

For Job Seekers:

Are you tired of sending countless job applications and failing to get a response from employers? You are not the only one. At Citadel Search, we understand your frustrations, which is why partnering with us can be a game-changer for your career. With over our 18 years of experience in this industry and a vast network of more than 350 market leaders across 7 different Desks, we have the expertise and connections to land you that role!  Regardless of your specialisation or desired job function, we will provide you with the relevant knowledge and guidance you will need to make the transition and excel in your job search. By partnering with Citadel Search, you will stand a higher chance to be shortlisted for an interview and landing your dream job. 

Early Access to New Opportunities

Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with Citadel Search. We are well-versed in your  industry and have a strong clientele network with the industry’s leaders which allows us to anticipate what employers are seeking during the recruitment process. This means that you will be among the first few candidates to be considered for new job opportunities, because you have the market insights from us giving you the head start and a real advantage over the pool of applicants. 


Professional Guidance

Citadel Search is different because we are committed to your success. We avoid transactional relationships with both our candidates and clients. This is why we conduct detailed interview with you then pre-interview preparation before you meet with the client and post-interview feedback sessions with all our candidates. Our simulated mock interviews and interview coaching will boost your confidence, allowing you to be well-prepared for the read deal and ace your interview. Our track record of positive feedback from candidates and over a 1000 successful placements speaks to the effectiveness of our approach. 

Salary Negotiation Support  

Negotiating your salary with your employer can be daunting. With Citadel Search by your side, you can leave this task to us. As a prominent player in the recruitment market, we advocate on your behalf to secure a potential great offer and seal the deal with the best possible outcome. Citadel Search ensures the contract and salary negotiations are fair and equitable so that both our candidates and clients’ expectations are met. You can trust that your interests will be fairly represented and be assured of receiving a rewarding and fulfilling compensation package.

You do not have to incur any fees by working with Citadel Search. Our services are completely free to all job seekers and our candidates, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and speak to our consultants who are ready to assist you in every step of your job search journey.

The recruitment process at Citadel Search is designed to be seamless and effective. All you need to do is to send us your updated resume, and our dedicated team of consultants will reach out to conduct a preliminary interview. This helps us to understand your work experiences and career aspirations better. We will work with you to craft your CV for success. Based on our discussion, we will actively look for suitable job opportunities that match your profile.   Once a successful job match is found, we will provide you with interview coaching to ensure that you are well-prepared for the various rounds of interview with your prospective employer. We will continue to support you throughout the application process and even after you landed your new job role. Our relationship does not end here!  In fact, it is the start of a journey as we accompany you in your entire career trajectory!  

You can always check our job postings regularly and apply for any job openings that interest you.

We are here to help you take the next step in your career. Whether you are considering moving from your current position, looking for a job, or seeking personal growth through our programs, or just have a coffee chat, we are ready to assist you. Reach out to us with your updated resume, and contact us at (65) 6222 2687 or drop us an email at recruit@citadelsearch.com.sg 


Let us help you begin your candidate journey! 

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