Our 7-Step CITADEL Methodology

As a strategic partner, we will collaborate closely with you to ensure a clear alignment to your key business objectives. Uniquely, this 7 Step CITADEL Methodology is identified with Citadel Search for headhunting. The efficacy of our approach is evidenced by the countless successful candidates we have placed for our clients. This has been one of our proudest accomplishments.

Our 7-step CITADEL methodology:

Comprehend to Determine the DNA of the Role

We thoroughly analyse your business needs to determine what constitutes the DNA of the role – both technical fit as well as suitability fit.

Initiate and Define the Search Strategy

We design the best approach to source top candidates for you by tapping on our networks, local or international, and robust database.

Tap into our Research Tools and Map the Market

We conduct a market research to understand the talents you are looking for before talent mapping a range of both active and passive candidates.

Assess Candidates and Conduct Competency-Based Interviews

We conduct in-depth analysis of the candidate’s competencies assessing their suitability and eligibility factors for the job role and your organization.

Develop Candidate Profile Reports for Client Selection

We profile the high potential candidates to you through Candidate Reports for your review and selection.

Empower Decision-Making Process of Shortlisted Candidates

We help facilitate smooth selection process by managing the interview process and augmenting with assessment tools, which serve as additional data points.

Leverage our Expertise to Manage Candidate Offers and Reference Checks

We handle offers professionally through our proven expertise to ensure a smooth closure, completing the entire process with reference checks.

A Headhunter’s job is not just placing a candidate. Instead, a professional Headhunting firm will follow through the entire candidate lifecycle to ensure that the hire is a long-term benefit.

Our Featured Work

Do you know the impact of a wrong hire can cost you more than 7 times the monthly salary of the wrong hire?

Hence if you are looking for an Executive Search Partner that can help you hyperscale and close niche roles or you need a quick turnaround, here’s how Citadel Search can help.

Citadel Search can help you find the right talent because we are focused on what we do best.

Global Energy Management and Automation Solutions Leader
Technical Sales Consultant
Key results:

  • Successfully closed a hybrid role requiring both solid technical expertise and strong sales closure experience.

Global Insurance Innovation Firm
Innovation Start-up Team
Key results:

  • First role closed within 2 months
  • Team expanded by 300%
  • Received highest praise from the Chief Innovation Officer who concurred that our candidate profiles were accurate and of high standards

Leading provider of document management services
Compensation & Benefits Head (APAC)
Key results:

  • Critical role closed within 1 week
  • Short turnaround time and candidate suitability lead to high client satisfaction

Global Tech Firm (APAC-focused)
Solution Business Leader
Key results:

  • Candidate helped to transform the business and expanded their installed customer base

Global Professional Services Provider
IT Contractors
Key results:

  • Served as a trusted partner to our client
  • Manage 2 employees under our payroll

Let’s work together to find you your next talent.

Be it looking for a new hire or managing your existing employees on our payroll, Citadel Search is equipped to deliver the solutions to your needs.

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