Chloe Ng

Year 2023
Reading Business Administration in National University of Singapore, final year Full time to part time

My internship experience was a unique one with the best of both worlds - recruitment and marketing! I was able to explore a wide range of challenging projects, which allowed me to develop my hard and soft skills including SEO marketing, effective verbal and written communication and critical thinking. I was involved in various interesting marketing projects from market research, competitive analysis, mystery shopping and even revamping a new website!

What makes my experience at Citadel Search meaningful and memorable were the opportunities to have first-hand experience conducting competency-based interviews with senior-level professionals and conducting a re-branding of our brand's positioning and developing engaging marketing content.

My learning went beyond my expectations and I completed my internship feeling a great sense of fulfilment. I highly recommend journeying with Citadel Search and exploring the world of executive search!