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Developing Great Leaders in the Workplace – Guest Column

Powered By EmbedPress Opinion: Can Leadership Skills Still Make a Big Difference Today? In the age of technology and growing AI capabilities, it’s natural to think that computers can outperform human functions and eventually replace us. While that may be true for certain skills, our humanity still holds incredible value when it comes to ‘undeniably […]

I’m 50, Will Anyone Still Hire Me?-Expert Advice for Older Workers

Are you more than 50 years old this year and worried that nobody would want to hire an older worker? Is this the reason why you are reluctant to leave your current job to find something more satisfying? Before you answer “Yes”, we want to tell you why you should not be worried about being an […]

How to Find a Job After a Career Break or Sabbatical?

On a mid-career break and unsure what to do? Concerned about explaining your employment hiatus to hiring managers? Unsure of how to find a job? A few weeks ago, the Citadel Search team interviewed Christine Tiyu, a seasoned HR manager with over 22 years of experience across various industries and regions. Throughout her thriving career journey, Christine […]

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