Best Practices For Candidates

Do What You Love, Love What You Do – Finding Purpose in Work

Remember the days of old, when you were a fresh-faced graduate? Envisioning that dream career and how close you were from achieving that. Now, look at yourself today. How close are you from that goal of achieving career fulfilment and workplace wellbeing? Chances are, you are either tirelessly slogging in a job that you settled […]

Employee Job Security Singapore – Future Proof Your Career 2024

Singapore’s job market is showing signs of a shift, with a slowdown in hiring across various sectors. While the unemployment rate remains low, recent reports indicate a cooling labour market in late 2023 Channel News Asia. This is particularly concerning for the tech industry, which experienced a significant wave of retrenchments in 2023 Straits Times. […]

Fresh Graduate Looking for Job? Advice for First-Time Job Seekers

Here at Citadel Search, we see hundreds of applicants to our more popular job listings. The current job market makes the competition for jobs even more fierce and challenging. As a recent graduate job search candidate or an early-career job seeker, how do you stand out in the crowded job market and catch the discerning […]

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