Workforce Effectiveness

I’m 50, Will Anyone Still Hire Me?-Expert Advice for Older Workers

Are you more than 50 years old this year and worried that nobody would want to hire an older worker? Is this the reason why you are reluctant to leave your current job to find something more satisfying? Before you answer “Yes”, we want to tell you why you should not be worried about being an […]

Future of Work – Remote Working is Here To Stay

COVID-19 has not only brought about changes in the job market, making certain jobs obsolete while creating new ones, but also significantly affected how we work now and in the future. One major change is remote working – which may be what you are doing right now while reading this article. Do you foresee yourself working remotely for […]

Is Singapore doing enough to keep up with the rapidly changing job market

This is an article from Asean Today featuring Citadel Search Managing Director Cindy Yeo. The world of work is changing. Employees chase a favourable work-life balance. Employers must be conscious of their responsibilities. By John Pennington The global labour market is changing fast. Employees change jobs frequently. Employers face challenges to keep and re-train employees. Workforce development is now […]

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