Human Resource Management Insights That You Need To Know

Human Resource (HR) professionals would never have imagined the many challenges that COVID-19 has unceremoniously dropped on their lap. The effects of the pandemic has crushed the economy, putting many employees in stressful situations wondering what the future has in store. HR professionals are holding up the fort trying to keep everything in perspective and […]

How to Find a Job After a Career Break or Sabbatical?

On a mid-career break and unsure what to do? Concerned about explaining your employment hiatus to hiring managers? Unsure of how to find a job? A few weeks ago, the Citadel Search team interviewed Christine Tiyu, a seasoned HR manager with over 22 years of experience across various industries and regions. Throughout her thriving career journey, Christine […]

Good Interview Techniques That Work

“We have a line-up of many talented candidates seeking this job. Tell me, why do you think we should recruit you?”. When placed in situations where you have to defend your own worth for the role, even the most placid candidates will end up frustrated by such intense condescension and vitriol. This method of interviewing certainly […]

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