Thought Leadership

Tips For First-Time Job Seekers – Stand Out From The Crowd

Here at Citadel Search, we see hundreds of applicants to our more popular job listings, and those numbers have only gone up during the pandemic because of the entry of more workers who have been negatively impacted by COVID, making the fierce competition for jobs even more challenging. How do you, as an early-career job seeker, […]

How to Find a Job After a Career Break or Sabbatical?

On a mid-career break and unsure what to do? Concerned about explaining your employment hiatus to hiring managers? Unsure of how to find a job? A few weeks ago, the Citadel Search team interviewed Christine Tiyu, a seasoned HR manager with over 22 years of experience across various industries and regions. Throughout her thriving career journey, Christine […]

The Power of Competency-Based Interviews

As a Hiring Manager, do you rely on your gut instincts or make use of competency-based interviews when hiring a candidate? To some people, instincts are the best indicators of recruitment success. When you tap on your instincts, it does bring in some advantages as it reduces your mental resources while you make a faster […]

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