Job Seeker Success Story – Grace Loo | Citadel Search

Citadel Search is an Executive Search and Recruitment firm who matches job seekers to their ideal role and aid in their career progression. How does Citadel Search stand out and connect job seekers to their ideal position?
It is with great pleasure that we invited Grace Loo, one of our candidates, for a coffee chat to share how Citadel Search supported her job search journey during the unprecedented year of 2020. If you are a job seeker, be sure to watch the video to learn how you can navigate today’s dynamic and competitive job market landscape!
Through her conversation with our Citadel’s Consultant, Alvin, Grace narrated how Cindy, our Managing Director, provided her advice at every stage of her application when she was a job seeker and enabled her to land a role with an outstanding Sustainability-focused organisation.
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