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#CitadelBytes: Attend to Details, Otherwise How Can We Reach You?

Recently, we couldn’t reach a candidate. And it was for the strangest reason – the mobile number on the CV was wrongly written. This highlights the importance of attention to details. What may seem as a small and minor issue could cost you a lot.

Yet, it is not our first time encountering such a situation. Over the years, we have had many candidates entering wrong contact details, surname, job designations – you name it. As a result, it is impossible to reach out to them once we find suitable positions.

Importance of Attention to Details

So, #CitadelSearchSays watch out for these minor details. Wonderful job opportunities are hard to come by; stay meticulous to grab them.

Always take pride in your work. Remember, the devil is in the details. 

Avoid these common mistakes when writing your resume.  

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