Job Opportunities in 2021 – What are the Top 8 Jobs in Singapore?

Do you know which are the Top 8 hot jobs in 2021?

Based on LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise: 15 opportunities that are in demand and hiring now which is based in the U.S. job market, we picked out 8 hot jobs which are (VERY) in demand in Singapore.

With the rise of technology, many jobs in Singapore nowadays are based on technology. Regardless if you are in Human Resources, Design, Business Development or Healthcare, your job now is most likely dependent on technology, one way or another. Given that there is such a high dependence on technology, it is a no-brainer to say that most of the hottest jobs in 2021 (and beyond) are based in the technology sector.

As Singapore is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, more jobs have been surfacing on the job market. However, there has also been an increase realisation of job mismatch between the hot jobs surfacing in the market and the skillsets of the talent pool in Singapore. If you already have the necessary skillsets in the field, good for you! But if you don’t and want to break into the hot jobs hot zone, read on to find out what may be your next big thing! This article will be especially helpful if you are looking for a mid-career switch (or an early career switch; you can explore while you’re young!).

#1 Business Development and Sales Professionals

Business Development and Sales Professionals are the income generating arm of every single organisation. You will be the ones formulating the organisation’s value proposition plans, acquiring new clients, maintaining good relationships with your top partners, and ensuring a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which can effectively generate leads for your company. These roles are ALWAYS in demand, as they are one of the best assets to the company.

Roles include: Business Development Manager, Sales Consultant, Inbound Sales Specialist

#2 Workplace Diversity Experts (D&I)

With increasing awareness of workplace bias and disparity, many organisations across the world are hiring specialists to close the gaps in their companies. Hiring Diversity, Inclusion & Equity experts could help can greatly improve workplace culture and morale and help to fight systemic racism/sexism, and employers understand this now. This is definitely one of the growth sector in the Human Resources job spectrum for 2021!

Roles include: Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Director of People Excellence

#3 Digital Marketing Experts

Needless to say, social media is everywhere. People nowadays are constantly scrolling on their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify applications on our favourite device. With the world so well-connected through these social media spaces, digital marketers have been in increasing demand to help companies leverage on these spaces and bring their products from zero to hero.

Roles include: Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Search Engine Optimisation Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Marketing Manager

#4 Digital Content Creators

#3 works with #4 – the digital content creators. These people are the ones who create content that can ‘wow’ people and engage them with their creations. What they bring to the table is that a one-liner that convinces a consumer to purchase, or a video that makes EVERYONE remember a brand. In this era where every product aims to stand out from the massive amount of information we have to digest every day, good content producers are VERY in demand.

Roles include: Copywriter, Art Creatives, Podcaster, Blogger, Author, Content Writer

#5 Specialised Tech Engineers

Along with the pandemic, many businesses undergo digitalisation and moved online to maintain their operations. Tech Engineers are in demand now more than ever. These people can be developing the frontend or backend spaces and have an unlimited potential to present a company and its products to the world.

Roles include: Web Developer, Cybersecurity Specialist, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Game Developer

#6 User Experience Specialists

With digitalisation happening across the globe, user experience is the key to presenting websites and products to the world. This role takes into account the development of customer journeys for each product and transform them from a string of thoughts to reality. User experience does not even need to be digital based. It could also be the design of a physical product that entice customers to purchase. With increasing knowledge on the power of user experience specialists, they are amongst the “Most Wanted” in the 2021 job market.

Roles include: UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer, UX Researcher

#7 Data Science Specialists

We now exist in a world which is overwhelmed with data. With so much information on hand, data science specialists are needed to help make sense of what is actually happening – the trends in everything. They are especially needed in the booming eCommerce industry, to help companies like Amazon, Lazada and Shopee figure out what are consumers consuming in this time and day.

Roles include: Data Science Specialist, Data Scientist, Data Analytics Engineer, Data Quality Assurance, Credit Risk Data Scientist, Data Science Engineer

#8 Artificial Intelligence Practitioners

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining traction even before COVID-19 times. Through deep machine learning and natural language processing, AI practitioners can develop products and services that are human-like to improve lives from all walks of life. Many organisations across industries are now looking for AI practitioners to develop new ground-breaking products that can bring their organisation to the next level.

Roles include: Machine Learning Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Researcher

That’s it, folks!

We hope you are now familiar with the hottest 8 jobs in Singapore, and that this information has helped you. If you are currently looking for a job, check out our job board now and find the next big thing for you! If you are unsure how you can land a job in this job climate, and need help with your job search journeyspeak with one of our consultants now and learn how you can land your dream job tomorrow.

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