Importance of Networking – Don’t Just Work, Network!

What is Networking?

Have you admired people who can naturally network and wonder how important it is? Successful people build upon strong networks. Here is how you can overcome your fear of networking.

Networking is the process of making meaningful connections and building relationships. It can be one-on-one or in a group setting, and can occur anywhere in a business setting or even in a house warming party or even on social media! 

Networking relationships help facilitate with contacts you may not currently have or expect. Through the exchange of ideas and information, you may find yourself surrounded by like-minded people who share the same passion or interests. More importantly, these connections can sometimes provide you with subject-matter advice and help you make informed decisions. 

Many at times, we may not have the immediate answers but they have the their own established networks that you can leverage to point you to the right direction. 

Transactional vs Meaningful Networking

We know that some people do not like networking as in their minds, it seems transactional. However, it does not need to be opportunistic if you enter into any relationship with a genuine mindset of giving and receiving. What we have found is that if you think only of your own personal gain, that is where it becomes transactional. It all depends on whether you are prepared to give a part of yourself.  Make networking meaningful and bilateral. 

Importance of Networking

Oscar Perez, an internationally experienced Senior Leader with a career spanning over 25 years, started out as a simple Tradesman with no management experience. A former candidate of Citadel Search, Oscar’s transformation into a seasoned management veteran highlights the possibilities a positive attitude a never-ending desire to learn bring to overall success in life.

Oscar discloses just how valuable networking was for him throughout his career. His formula for networking actively landed him a job through Social Media. He is a real life case of how social media can land you a job.

How to Network

Using the power of social media, you can tap on headhunters’ established networks to help you find your most ideal role. That was how Oscar actively used social media to reach out to Citadel Search, which marked the start of our relationship with him. 

When it comes to networking in real life, instead of small talks like “How are you?”, you can introduce yourself with your elevator speech of yourself and ask “How about you?”. 

On social media, you could start by saying “I would like to connect with you because…“. Make that ‘because’ meaningful and initiate a two-way relationship.  

Hear directly from Oscar in the video below! Feel free to click on the timestamps below to go directly to your preferred areas of interest:

0:47 – What made you pursue a second degree?

1:29 – Apart from further studies, what are the other steps you embarked on to improve your career?

2:17 – How do you network?

3:23 – How do you go about being an active networker?

4:00 – Give an instance where social media aided your career

4:56 – Your advice to people who are unemployed?

Network With Us

Whether you are looking for advice on your career journey or looking for help for your resume,  network with Citadel Search. Like Oscar, start building meaningful networks today!

Watch this video to gain insights about networking and building new contacts!

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