Innovation, Technology & Startups Desk

With the rise of technology across all industries, our IT desk is growing to include more IT roles such as Software Engineer and Cybersecurity Operations Engineer. Our executive search desk for Technology has curated a pool of candidates experienced in Cyber security roles, Network & Systems Engineering, Software Development, Data Scientists, .Net Developers and Firmware programming. Our recruitment consultants possess the necessary sufficing technical knowledge to understand the mandates of your roles and fill them with capable candidates that meet your staffing needs.

Some of the positions we have placed candidates in include:

General Manager, Technology
Systems Architect
Patch Management, Manager
Senior Business Analyst, IT Manager
IT Audit Manager
Project Manager Database & Information Systems Administrator
Systems Engineer
Innovation Manager (Product Development)

*This list is not exhaustive.



Innovation Director (Growth Hacking)
Innovation Collaborator (Business Incubator)
Solution Design, UX / UI
Web Developer
Firmware Developer
Solution Architect
Solutions Account Manager (Networking Solutions)

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