Engineering Desk

Throughout the years in the business, we have developed a vast connection of clients and candidates. With our extensive network and keen knowledge of the market amassed from years of partnership with top companies in the Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals, Building Engineering and Marine Engineering industries, we retain our specialisation as key recruiters in the Engineering industry. Our Engineering desk remains evergreen as various organisations, from governmental to large Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), continue to partner us.

Some of the positions we have placed candidates in include:

Global Manufacturing Director
Worldwide Operations Director
General Manager
Mechanical Engineering Manager
Production Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
Mechanical Superintendant
Maintenance Engineer
Production Engineer
Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager
Warranty Engineer
Field Service Engineer
Technical Coordinator
Assistant Project Manager, Electrical Drives
Fire Safety Manager


*This list is not exhaustive.

Operations Manager
Process Engineer
Senior Project Engineer
Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer
Research and Development (R&D) Engineer
Mechanical & Piping Engineer
Chemical Process Technician
Regional Technical Manager
Rechargeable Battery Technologist
Rubber Technologist
Research Scientist
Hydraulics Design Engineer
Project Engineer, Vibration Monitoring
Senior Production (Planning and Control)
Technical Sales Specialist
Technical Engineer

Control System Sales Consultant

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