COVID19 restriction loosens: Time to return to the office

To the chagrin of my friends at last night’s dinner, I was acidly clear that I took the Government’s latest announcement so positively! They couldn’t believe their ears when I pumped my fist ” Yes!”. The Singapore government announced that COVID19 restriction loosens, more people can go back to the office for work by April 5, 2021.

Working remotely might have saved me time of travel but I really missed having face-to-face discussions with my colleagues, and being able to concentrate on work without the kids jumping around at home. The revival of entertainment and events also means a lot to me as I really need to socialise and have fun from time to time. Do you feel the same too?

I want Work Life Balance but the pandemic has mashed up my work and life by putting them all in one environment – my home. To some, it is good in a way because you have more time to stay around your family, but even so working at home also meant that you no longer have personal space and time from your family. I don’t know about you, but after almost a year now, I find that I prefer segregation of time and space between work and non-work.

A separation between work and life is necessary for me so that I can enjoy the fullest from both. When I am in a meeting, I should not have unnecessary distractions like the laughter of the kids watching cartoons in the background or their attacking barbs of each other. Likewise when I am at home having dinner with my family, I should not need to have the mental pressure of unfinished work, though self-imposed, makes me want to go back to my work as the laptop is just nearby.  I didn’t have these “work distractions” before.

So as we gradually return to the office, I look forward to my balance being regained. It is worthy of a celebration but I will remember to still put on my mask! We shall patiently wait for everyone to get vaccinated and look forward to less subdued office parties or painting the town red!!

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